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Eyes in the Cloud.

 Security Video has Evolved.

Rest assured knowing your video capture is high-quality, court-admissable, and available immediately.

Your cameras streamed live.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

  • Monitor your cameras with live streaming.
  • You choose what video to save.
  • You choose which cameras are recording.
  • You choose when to record.
  • Receive motion-activated SMS or email alerts.
  • Share video with Law Enforcement immediately - not days later.

Flexible storage plans for any need.

Cover your Assets.

Secure your Home, Family, Business and Properties today.

These HD Cameras and Recorders are the very best quality you will find.

Take advantage of the lowest prices when you bundle a camera with your Secure Cloud Video solution.

Safe. Secure. Discreet.

Your devices delivered worldwide.

  • IP surveillance cameras offer simple Plug-n-Play setup.
  • Network Video Recorders for optional physical backup.
  • Covert spy cameras and recorders hidden in everyday items.

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Why Spywise?

Since 1999, spywise.com has been your source for secure solutions.

Embrace the Evolution of enhanced surveillance technologies. 

Secure Cloud Video.

Imagine the freedom...

  • Watch live video stream from any camera.
  • Record what you want. When you want.
  • Save evidence and share in real-time. 
  • Motion-activation SMS or email alerts .

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

It's just Evolution.

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