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A text on your cell alerts you to motion detected by your surveillance cameras.

Using the app on your phone, you check the live stream to investigate further.

Secure Cloud Video recording has already started, as you previously instructed.

Spotting an unexpected unfamiliar visitor, you decide to download and share that video stream with your property's Security team, right away.

Surveillance Evolved. 

Your cameras streamed live.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

  • Receive SMS or email alerts when your cameras detect motion.
  • Monitor your cameras anytime via live-streaming.
  • You choose what video to save.
  • You choose which cameras are recording.
  • You choose when to record.
  • Share video with Law Enforcement immediately - not days later.

Cover Your Assets.

Need a camera or recording device?

Secure your Home, Family, Business and Properties today with these HD IP Cameras and Recorders.

Spywise sources the very best quality and features available, like 4K resolution, POE single-wire feed, and Color night-vision cameras.

Safe. Secure. Discreet.

Your devices delivered worldwide.

  • Covert spy cameras and recorders hidden in everyday items.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteteed

Why Spywise?

Since 1999, spywise.com has been your source for secure solutions.

Embrace the Evolution of enhanced surveillance technologies. 

Secure Cloud Video.

Plan your Future success in Security, Surveillance and Secure Cloud services.

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3. Independent Operator.

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And all partners earn Bonuses and Incentive Awards on new recruits.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

It's just Evolution.

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